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Psychological Matters

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Psychological therapy with interpreters Has been answered Dear users What if therapist and patient do not speak the same language? Interpreters are particularly challenged in therapeutic interventions but it ...
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Do you have any obsessive behaviour? Has been answered Dear users Washing hands til they bleed, checking things over and over again due to an inner compulsion? If not treated as early as possible, this might ...
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cant leave bed sooooo bored Has been answered Hi @ all i had a accident with my car and now i need to stay in bed for at least 3 wweeks. im doing this now for 4 days and i am soooooooooooo bored ...
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I CANT SLEEP!!! Has been answered Oh my god i am so close to freaking out. im so f*** tired but my brain just doesnt feel like sleeping at all. so i got up again and im wandering around ...
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my sister is not mentally disabled! what can i do? Has been answered Hello all My sister has a wheelchair, she had a accident and is now paralyzsed. She is not mentally disabled but all people think so and ignore her ...
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I have had 2 very serious (according to me) head & ... Has been answered
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New article: Burnout Syndrome Has been answered Dear users Burnout snydrome seems to be fashionable these days. But even though it cannot be counted as a disease, a burnout is a serious condition. ...
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relaxation technics?? Has been answered Hi im looking for relaxation technics. I always have problems with my neck and my coccyx because i am too strung up all the time. i have a demanding job ...
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psychology crisis Has been answered hello - I am suffering from a crisis and I am hospitalised in a clinic - but wants to work somewhere to come again in the process of work, I studied tourism, ...
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can walk but has wheelchair? Has been answered Hi today i was driving my car to town and i saw a woman parking on a disabled parking space. Then she got out of the car normaly on her feet, took a ...
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