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Psychological Matters

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can drug use cause severe brain retardation? CAN DRUG USE CAUSE MENTAL RETARDATION?
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I am a 2nd year student researching amputees can anybody ... Has been answered Counselling research project on the well being of amputees
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how can a mute person communicate with a blind person? A deaf man went with a blind man's wife and a mute person knew about it. How can the mute person tell the blind guy that the deaf guy went with his wife.
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chronic nerve pain in lower abdomen from last two years ... Dear Sir/ Madam, I was working in nEDM experiment at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. I registered my PhD in K U Leuven, Belgium. In Feb 2015, ...
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Fri 17.02.2017 [01:36]
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How can a braininjured patient be helped when they ... Has been answered September 1978 till 1986 brainedema - doctors to useless to diagnose
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HELLO .IM WAHDAT KHAN.M.46.DEER SIR R MADAM. IHAVE ... Has been answered Im disabal my right leg can i walk? I need artifecil leg can u tretment me?Thankx
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hi Has been answered I would like to ask you how i can deleate my handycap profile?
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Physical Activity and Social Anxiety I am currently in my Final Year at the University of Bath, studying Sport and Social Sciences. For the past 6 years I have had a interest and passion for ...
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I need your advise for my lovable daughter..... Hello! Let me introduce myself as Asmitha , I have a 12 years old daughter who got menses matured one and half years back. Since maturity I could find ...
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When depression hits home Has been answered Dear Users Depression is a major depressive disorder which unfortunately affects a growing number of people. Whether you have experienced it yourself, ...
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