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wheelchair help Hi all I may be asking for something that doesn't actually exist. My wife now has to use a wheelchair and wheelchair I've just bought has the push handles ...
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opinions on counselling needed plz x Has been answered just doing some research for my college course and have chosen to do it on disability. (as this interests me having a child with DS myself) so can i ask ...
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where to find a stsirlift and standing frame for less ... Has been answered my niece is 37 years old and had a stroke as a result of this she is now paralyzed on the rt side and is unable to walk limited communication skills from ...
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Need your help. New company in the process Has been answered I have the chance to bring a company to exsistance that will not only help communities with a better quality of life, but also create jobs for those c ...
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diet for paraplegic persons Has been answered Hi there! Im looking for information about special diets for people with paraplegia or quatriplegia. Im writing a paper about special diets for PWDs but ...
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teas against getting constipated Has been answered Hi I become constipated a lot and that's annoying (obviously). are there any teas or herbs against that? Thanks for sharing.
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We are the international foundation for autists and ... We are the international foundation for autists and their parents, and are looking for organisations and institutions from Germany, Switzerland and the ...
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Active dementia prevention Has been answered Dear users Go active against dementia! The risk of getting dementia can be significantly reduced by an active and healthy lifestyle. Find out more about ...
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surgery all went fine Has been answered Hi! I just wanted to let you folks now that all surgery went fine. they couldnt save the tattoo though. but the choize was: life either tattoo. well, ...
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New article: Alzheimer’s disease Has been answered Dear users Due to the increasing life expectancy, dementia will be one of the greatest challenges of the future in our society. Learn more about Al ...
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