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Grants or assistance on a purchase of ultralight w ... Does anyone know if there are grants or financial assistance on purchaseing a ultra light wheel chair that is not covered by insurance.
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My 16 year old son is handicapped and coming to Germany ... Has been answered
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Whera can I rent a Mobility Scooter in Frankfurt?
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what features do people want in wheelchairs ? Has been answered i m an engineer a. i m designing a wheelchair as my project. so can anybody give me inputs on what do people using wheelchair expect in a wheelchair (any ...
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shoes for prosthetics Has been answered Hi and sorry for a maybe stupid question: are there any SPECIAL shoes for prosthetics? my friends say that she "kills" all shoes with the prostheticsbecause ...
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do you know something about post polio syndrome? I am disable, and when growing I now have what they called post polio syndrome. Do any one have knowledge about this new syndrome|?
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Ataxia SCA1 Hi there I live in South Africa which it seems is a country that does not know much about Ataxia SCA1. I would certainly like to correspond with persons ...
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Charcot Marie Tooth disease Get new uplifting information on CMT disease at the Spring "Take Flight" Conference. Registration and info at http://cmttakeflightpatientconference.com
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Hello, I any member have charcot marie tooth?
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wheelchair help Hi all I may be asking for something that doesn't actually exist. My wife now has to use a wheelchair and wheelchair I've just bought has the push handles ...
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