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leg prosthesis for children, how many? Has been answered Hi Does anyone know how often children need new leg prosthesis as they are growing? (on average?) I have a child in therapy and that's obviously my ...
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Stop beathing during sleep Has been answered Hi My girlfriend told me that I sometimes stop beathing while sleeping. that sounds cruel! Should I worry? Cheers
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awareness of ataxia-telangiectasia Has been answered on thanksgiving yesterday my niece jen was talking about a serious condition her daughter ceyanne has.it afects the body and the imune system.she said ...
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albinism red eyes Has been answered Hi I've heard that p with albinism dont have red eyes at all. But then y does everybody think that they have? i've once seen 1 and i think i remeber ...
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Ayurveda informations Has been answered Hello, I have interesting in Ayurveda. Looking for informations. Thank you, Claire
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hey guys none of you likes my freak show, do you? Has been answered don´t know what i mean? check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMI9_Mj6_84&feature=related and please post any comments you like! it´s ...
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Whats the use of blushing?! Has been answered Hi there I have a problem with blushing. I turn red as a tomatoe and that very quickly and aaaaall the time. Of course it gets even worse when people ...
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very interesting... Has been answered Hi, sometimes I read on the internationale page and find very interesting articles. Today I found this news: http://www.myhandicap.com/news-details- ...
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knuckle-cracking bad? Has been answered Hi Apart from driving everyone around you crazy, is knuckle-cracking really harmful to the finger joints? Cheers
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cannabis in the us Has been answered holle us-folks out there! 8) is it true that in the us cannabis/mariuahana is available for therapeutic reasons fr ill people?
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