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New Article! Assistance dog are a great help and dear ... Has been answered Dear Community I am happy to present you our newest article about assistance dogs. FIDES is a young nonprofit organisation that professionally trains ...
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Where can I find second hand prosthesises? Has been answered Hello My husband works in a local school for disabled children in venezuela. Many children have not enough money to go to school so we try to help ...
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Walking on white stripes? Hello A friend of mine, who is blind, has recently made me aware, that some streets of Zurich are marked with white stripes to serve as orientation for ...
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smoking around the world Has been answered I am interested. Is it allowed to smoke in other contries. Which contries? In Bavaria, where I live it is not allowed to smoke anymore in closed places ...
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assistance dog in ireland Has been answered hi guys I've heard about assistance dogs that can help wheelchair users. Ever heard of that? And where can I get such a super dog in Eire?
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Can religion and praying help? Has been answered Since a severe illness, I use a wheelchair. I was in great health before that. I used to be very active. My life has changed a lot and I have problems ...
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Where can I buy absorbable underwear in Ireland? Has been answered Any of you Irish out there know where I can buy absorbable underwear in Ireland? I live in county cork, so any shops around here would be even better. ...
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Malaria risk in South Africa? Has been answered Hi, is there Malaria Risk in South Africa. A friend of mine wants to go there and would like to get some avices from people who live there or have been ...
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turbodrive for wheelchair Has been answered Is there a turbo drive or something like that for a wheelchair?
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Subtitles in 3D? Has been answered Hello world! Im goin to watch Shrek in 3D tonight (aaaah, so looking forward!!) and as i am deaf i watch it with subtitles. Has anyone of you watched ...
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