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Look how she gets that wheelchair into that car!! Has been answered wow, now, SHE is cool! Do you see how she gets her wheelchair into the car? I cant do that, I always act like a complete idiot when it comes to that point! ...
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what do you think about jeremy rifkin und his concept of empathic civilisation? http://www.amazon.com/Empathic-Civilization-Global-Consciousness-Crisis/dp/1585427659
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Does anyone know about digital scrap books? Has been answered Does anyone know about digital scrap books
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Asperger Autismus Has been answered Hi, I am looking for inforamtions about Asperger Autismus. Hope you can help me. Regards from Austria :-)
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Swiss Paraplegics Centre only for swiss people? Has been answered Hi, i read about the Swiss Paraplegics Centre in switzerland (50th anniversary) and Im wondering if that great center is only open to swiss people? THey ...
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ever herd of frogpad? anyone of you knowss this special keyboard?
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information Has been answered hello again! i've got a friend in the united states who broke his bak in a car accident sum months ago which has left him in a wheelchair. do u know where ...
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Paraplegia Has been answered Hello, thank you for your answer about Reini Sampl! Now I found him. Stupid me :-) Well, one more question. Do you know anything about paraplegia? Of ...
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New Article! Assistance dog are a great help and dear ... Has been answered Dear Community I am happy to present you our newest article about assistance dogs. FIDES is a young nonprofit organisation that professionally trains ...
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Where can I find second hand prosthesises? Has been answered Hello My husband works in a local school for disabled children in venezuela. Many children have not enough money to go to school so we try to help ...
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