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Is there any Scholarships or any education assistance ... My son wishes to study in Germany for Engineering Degree Course. He had undergone treatment (chemotherapy and Radiation) chronic illness (nasopharynz ...
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I have got the issue of Muscular Dystrophy. I am taking ... I have got Muscular dystrophy what can I do to do to relieve my pain. I am unable to stand up easily and go the wash room at night
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would not magnesium be a prevention against the disease, ... without the magnesium we would not have the oxygen.
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My mother in law just had her second lower limb amputated ... Help and advice for a double leg amputee
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how are stem cells used to treat alzheimers diease how could stem cells treat Alzheimer's disease
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living without my right leg Has been answered I recently [about a month] had to have much of my right leg amputated due to infection. Although I am a retired RN I had never heard of such a problem, ...
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Very slow healing due to circulation problems. First ... Very slow healing after above amputation
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could you please provide me with the min. internal ... I am an architect involved in the refurbishment of a hotel lobby in Lausanne. Could you let me know the Swiss standards for Disabled Cubicles without Shower.
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How long after arm and shoulder amputation before you ... Want to know how long you have to wait before you can take a shower, after arm and shoulder amputation
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I recently had my left foot amputated and I am experiencing ... Has been answered I am a recent amputee. I am having a very bad pain in missing foot when I go to bathroom. Is this common? Will it go away?
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