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Disabled people in TV shows or cartoons Has been answered Hi there, I am a huge fan of South Park since it depicts a lot of hypocrisy in the American society. All this political correctness is just a way of avoiding ...
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Why is MyHandicap on Linkedin? Has been answered Hi I've just read that MyHandicap has also a profile on Linkedin. Is that really necessary. I mean isn't Facebook not good enough? Cheers,
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The world has become so fragile Has been answered The events in Norway have shown us that terror can strike everywhere. Sad but true. What's so disturbing is that movies with terror and disaster (24, die ...
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stuipd qstn Has been answered meow! at first: im not trollin... ignore my nick for thisp lz but why cant i edit my first posting here? is that possibel here?
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MyHandicap on Google+ Has been answered Hello, since yesterday we have a profile on Google+. Check it out. Here's the link: http://www.google.com/+MyHandicapDE have fun
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Harry Potter - last chapter Has been answered Well, I have to admit: I am a Harry Potter fan. You may call me childish, block buster oriented, but I am really looking forward to the last chapter of ...
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Do you know Monica Nierhaus? Hello, do you useres in other Countrys know about Monica Nierhaus? If not, read about her, she is a tough lady!
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Hi there, I totally liked this article about sailing Has been answered I think this article is great: http://www.myhandicap.com/accessible-sailing-lord-nelson.html That's exactly the kind of article I would expect on ...
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Forum works again?! Has been answered Hi! wow, the forum finally works again! I've tried to post a questions again and again but it never saved it. :-( Glad, that the forum is back online. ...
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learning languages online Has been answered Hello, do you know good programms to learn languages online? I am very much interested in learning German. Thank you for your help, Anuk
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