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donnation Has been answered I want to make a donnation but where? There are like a million good organisations. Do you know world vision? What do you think about that one? Where would ...
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Choose the Logo for human rights! Has been answered Awesome thing! choose a logo! http://www.humanrightslogo.net/ I chose the second last one.
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are there already christmasproducts to buy in your country? Has been answered i am interested, are there already christmas products to buy in your country? in germany the stores are already full of them!
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My Blog on myhandicap? Has been answered hello it is possible here to write a blog?
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Great article about pageants I've enjoyed reading the article about pageants http://www.myhandicap.com/pageant-beauty-disability.html I wish there were more of these happy topics ...
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US cuts down disability programs Has been answered I've read the recent article http://www.myhandicap.com/news-details-com.html?news=Social-Security-disability-benefits-funds-at--empty--by-2017-&tx_ ...
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missed the story contest - is there a new one? Has been answered oh, i missed the funny story contest! too bad! will there be a new one in the near future?
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Cooling system for electric wheelchair Has been answered That can not hurt in this hot weather :-)
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little miss wheelchair also in germany? Has been answered hello, i just read the very interesting article about the little miss wheelchaire in california. i know some girls in germany, who would love to take ...
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Disabled people in TV shows or cartoons Has been answered Hi there, I am a huge fan of South Park since it depicts a lot of hypocrisy in the American society. All this political correctness is just a way of avoiding ...
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