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Have a great Whitsuntide! Has been answered May you all have a great Whitsuntide!! (i got a day off from work, that's why I post this so early) Anyway, ENJOY!
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Information on How people with Disabilities interact ... Has been answered Hello everyone. I am a school teacher in South Africa. www.bluemc.co.za. We are doing a research project where we have to interview people with disabilities ...
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Do you know Postcrossing Has been answered The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The main idea is that: if you send ...
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how do you feel when you see other disabled ones? Hi I am deaf with a CI and s my disability isnt superobvious. But everthime I see some one with a CI too, i would like to start a conversation with them ...
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How do you like your life? Has been answered Apart from your disability, do you feel handicapped or do you feel normal? What do you like at your life? What do you hate at your life? What do you want ...
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I know that out was a live chat somewhere on here, ... Has been answered I came on board here on January fifth, and I know I did some chatting that day. I had surgery the next day... I do not see the chat button on here anymore. ...
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Looking for friends here What is the best way to go about making friends on this site? I'm just joining, and would like to get prettyinvolved.. My name is Sarah, and I have ...
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it is different Has been answered great new startsite!!! i find it better structured.
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coma - wake up again totally unexpected Has been answered Hello there I know that many people who were in coma wake up again totally unexpected. Now im wondering if there is a selfhelp group for these people. ...
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Social Work Student - Services! Hi All! I am currently a Social Work major at The University of Texas! I am learning about services and policy and was interested in talking to individuals ...
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