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spam?? Has been answered hi i got a message last week from a user named humble. he/her send me a very long confuse message about being wife of the bishop and asking for deposing ...
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Can you answer a few questions about your disability? Has been answered Hi everyone, Im a nursing student and am writing a paper on Disability awareness. I have a few questions that i need answered and was wondering if anyone ...
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push girls where and when???? Has been answered Hi there I just found out about a show called "push girls", id really like to see this show too but im not sure where and when it's aired! Anyone? ...
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Moving Forward In Reverse Has been answered I am in the process of writing a memoir that centers on being an amputee parent of five adopted children. The title is Moving Forward In Reverse. It was ...
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Never used a chat page before. Where do I write in ... Has anyone been cured of Peripheral neuropathy?
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Percentage of Disability Sir,i have lost four toes of my left foot in an accident,how much physically disabled I am in percentage terms? I want to get physically handicapped ...
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Where can I find product reviews aimed at people with ... Has been answered I am looking for a place that provides product reviews of every day items (ereaders, cameras, tablets etc.) aimed at consumers with disabilities. Any ...
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looking for a book or movie Has been answered Hi im looking for a book or movie about a woman who was blind and deaf around 19th century. Do you know who i mean and are there books/movies?
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Have a great Whitsuntide! Has been answered May you all have a great Whitsuntide!! (i got a day off from work, that's why I post this so early) Anyway, ENJOY!
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Information on How people with Disabilities interact ... Has been answered Hello everyone. I am a school teacher in South Africa. www.bluemc.co.za. We are doing a research project where we have to interview people with disabilities ...
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