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vincent wants to sea - movie Has been answered In Germany there is a great indipendent movie with the titel: vincent wants to sea - in German: Vincent will meer Here is a link: http://independen ...
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what are you doing now? Has been answered after the end of the Worldcup it seems a big hole is there. What are you doing now?
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shrek - the fourth Has been answered anyone senn that movie yet? i'm wondering if i should go to the cinema for it. because i think the third wasnt that great...
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hot out there Has been answered is it sooooo hot out there in the world, too? here in germany it's awesome hot! but i like it though 8) :lol: 8)
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cool being here! i´m from danmark wanna make a lot ... Has been answered
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Rolling inspiration - magazin Has been answered I want to tell you about a great magazin in South Africa. Its called Rolling Inspiration: http://www.rollinginspiration.co.za/ I read about it and I just ...
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hello! im lookin 4 friends Has been answered
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sign language international Has been answered I would be interested, if I can speak the sign language, can I communicate with this araound the world. So is the sign language a possibility to communicate ...
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Movie Me too Has somebody already seen the spanish movie: Me too? It should be great. But its not on in the cinemas in Germany at the time. I hope it will come. ...
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Chat in English? Has been answered Hi there, on the german page there are every two weeks or now I think even more often chats. Is it also possible to chat on the international side? This ...
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