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can someone tell me where i can start to learn pcv ... HI, I’m disabled from my right hand and I can’t use it at all. 3 years ago I have passed my driving test (automatic transmission) And now ...
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I have been sick for since 2003 with heart disease ... How long does it take to receive benefits after approval?
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Can I close my handicap guestbook if so how? I want to close my guestbook but don't know how to. Could someone help me please
Deleted user
Mon  4.02.2013 [12:36]
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please give me some help and advice. Has been answered Hi. I'm new and I'm not really sure how this board works.Could someone please give me a few pointers? I don't get out much and would like to make some ...
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help needed with final year Psychology Degree research ... I am a student in my final year of my psychology degree at Bournemouth University, England, as part of our final year we have to complete a piece of research. ...
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opinions on counselling needed plz x Has been answered just doing some research for my college course and have chosen to do it on disability. (as this interests me having a child with DS myself) so can i ask ...
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I have a friend who had a brain injury a year ago and ... Has been answered I have a very good friend named Jeff. A year ago he fell down a set of steps and hit his head very hard. He was in a comma for a few weeks and once awake ...
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Is it common to enjoy wearing Nappies, I know someone ... Is it common for people who are incontinent and wear nappies to like being treated as babies? I know someone who gets angry when his nappies are called ...
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Hi Everyone Has been answered Hi All just wanted to introduce myself quickly so i am not a complete stranger! My name is Richard and I live in Wales in the UK (not england!) I ...
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spam?? Has been answered hi i got a message last week from a user named humble. he/her send me a very long confuse message about being wife of the bishop and asking for deposing ...
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