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what are your wishes for 2011? Hello, what are your wishes for 2011? For me it is, to be sucessful at work. This is the most important thing for me. And to improve my English. Bye, ...
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anybody wants to exchange mails with me? Hi, I am looking for somebody to exchange mails, because I want to improve my English and I want to know about other contries. I would be very happy, ...
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Exchange presents Has been answered Once again I got some presents on Christmas that I want to swap or give to someone else - secretly of course. Maybe someone here in the forum is interested ...
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New year in Rome.... Has been answered Hi fellow users I've chosen Rome as the city where I will start the new year? I just hope that there will be now snowfall and closed airports. Cheers,
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New Year in other countries Has been answered Hello, I would be interested, how do you celebrate New Year in your country? Byebye, GirlySue
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Hi there...are you stuck in an airport? Has been answered are you stuck in an airport like me? Here in Paris it's like on board of the Titanic - people running around or silently accepting their fate - my plane ...
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What do you do at Xmas? Has been answered Hello! What are your plans for the Xmas day? We -me and my girlfriend- want to visit her grandparents (is abt 70km away) and on our backway we'd like ...
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christmas poem Has been answered hi - i found a nice christmas poem. want to share it with you: Recipe for Christmas All Year Long Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up ...
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christmas in other coutries hello everybody around the world!!! here is hotbabe from germany! i would like to know, how are you celebrating christmas in your country! in germany we ...
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X-mas on a weekend Has been answered I find it great that X-mas will fall on a weekend this year. Normally, you always get these fights about who will take this special holiday and who don't...and ...
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