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Living in America..... Has been answered I recently read this article.... http://www.csindy.com/colorado/bad-to-worse/Content?oid=1840221 Has the Obama administration made any pledge to ...
Theo21 Landesflagge: CH No information
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looking for friends Has been answered Hey, I am looking for friends from all over the world! I would like to learn more about the world and tell you about my homecountry Serbia. Bye for now, ...
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Has anybody read the new book of Stephen Hawkins? I ... Has been answered Stephen Hawkins has written a new exciting book - can anybody tell me the titel and where could I buy this?
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Serbia not in the list? Has been answered Hello! I am Milena from Serbia. I could not find Serbia in the list of countries. Is Serbia not on it? I could not register without choosing a countra. ...
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cool magazine for handicaps Has been answered hello! i've found this nice one: http://www.newmobility.com the articles are good! interesting view on reality and life. have phun! :)
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contact in Netherlands Has been answered Hello, my name is Nils. I am looking for contact with people with disabilities in the Netherlands. Tot ziens, Nils
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movie: rear window Has been answered anyone knows that movie? i mean, the actor is faking it isnt he?
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MyHandicap in Austria? Has been answered Hi you! I found out MyHandicap exists in Germany, Switzerland and the rest of the world. Now as Austrian, do I have to write in the international Page, ...
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Nice awareness stuff Has been answered Hi I've just found that page: http://www.awarenessstuff.us/. Even tough I am a man I can say that I like these jewelery! and it's for a good rea ...
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Ambassadors Has been answered I read about your Ambassadors. Do they also act in Austria? Or in other parts of the world beside Germany an Swizerland?
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