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Does anybody know any disabled-friendly dance club ... Has been answered Problem is: I got down syndrom, so I usually get rejected at the entrance of a dance club. That is..I don't even try anymore with those bulldog doormen. ...
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Disabled super hero Hello have a look at this news item: Comic book fans will soon be getting their first glimpse of an unlikely new superhero -- a Muslim boy in a wheelchair ...
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Disability descrimination is illegal Has been answered :o I am aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Disability Discrimination Act, laws in the United states making it illegal to descriminate ...
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This Will Be a Support group for Mental Disabilities Has been answered :o Somewhere within the regions of my tiny pea brain, I have managed to decide (on my own, believe it or not) that I will open up a thread for a support ...
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Stevie Wonder strikes a chord at the UN Has been answered Hello Community I found this article in my daily news browsing. If find this quote of Stevie Wonder interesting: "What I would like to do today is ...
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Book list Has been answered Hi there! There are so many great books about people with disabilities and that's why I think we should create a book list! I start with the first ...
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film festival focusses on disabled people Has been answered Hello If you live in Basel, you should look at this: http://www.kleinreport.ch/meld.phtml?id=57537 Cheers, Michel
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I am German Has been answered Hey, I am German, but would prefer to use the international page to improve my English. Can I get informations about Germany here too? Or do I have to ...
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Living in America..... Has been answered I recently read this article.... http://www.csindy.com/colorado/bad-to-worse/Content?oid=1840221 Has the Obama administration made any pledge to ...
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looking for friends Has been answered Hey, I am looking for friends from all over the world! I would like to learn more about the world and tell you about my homecountry Serbia. Bye for now, ...
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