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picture upload Has been answered Hi, one more question, i cannot upload my picture. Why??? I tried now for serveral times. Hope you can help me! Roula
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Massage information? Has been answered So... now really one more last question: Do I get informed, if somebody writes me a massage? Thank you for your answers, Roula
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why did my nationalty change?? Has been answered Hi, im suddenly Swiss... I've changed it now. But still wondering how that could happen..
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Did you know BBC has a web program for disabled? Has been answered Hello Community I just found this BBC web portal - the language is very frank and open (sometimes ironic) - typical for the Brits - in it? http: ...
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user meeting - is it international? Has been answered i read about usermeeting - myhandicap. is this only for germans or also for people from other countries. do you speak english? best regards, ugi
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hey you guys in switzerland what about sophie hunger? i don´t understand the lyrics but i like her music... what do you think?
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Great US portal http://www.disability.gov/ Has been answered I just found this portal http://www.disability.gov/ as a US expat it is great to keep track of what's going on in my homeland. Also it's easier to read ...
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Paul from Czech Republic Has been answered Hi I am Paul from Czech Republic. I am looking for friends with disablities to exchange. I live in Prag, which is a very beautiful city. We have some places ...
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segway-boss died on segway Has been answered hi, just wanted to let you know how safe a segway is! the segway boss died on a segway! i guess, this is not a good promotion for segway.
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Does anybody know any disabled-friendly dance club ... Has been answered Problem is: I got down syndrom, so I usually get rejected at the entrance of a dance club. That is..I don't even try anymore with those bulldog doormen. ...
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