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freak show wanna see a real freak show? check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMI9_Mj6_84&feature=related
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H A L L O W E E N costumes Has been answered i know fr this year its too late. but next halloween will come for sure. so do you guys ha de any ide a what kind of costume would be perfect for a wheelchair ...
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why to rate? Has been answered There's a popup with the text 'Please rate the percentage how far your question has been answered'. I never saw something in other forums. Can anyone tell ...
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the heart of Myhandicap? Has been answered Hello, I just ask myselfe - where is the heart from Myhandicap? In Germany? I am just interested. Bye, Jette
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world STROKE day! Has been answered Wow, I just read, that tomorrow is world Stroke day! And I thought: Stroke means "streicheln" - which means - to stroke somebody - to... you know let ...
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special disco for disabled people Has been answered you guys know about special events in a disco for disabled people?
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Aritcle Ronan Tynan Has been answered Hallo, I just read the headarticle about Ronan Tynan. I really like reading your articles. So I can improve my English and learn about very interesting ...
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Have a look - great BBC website Has been answered I particularly enjoy this BBC disability web site - it's refreshing to see how the BBC can approach disability topics without the usual heaviness. ...
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single party for disabled people Has been answered In a German city, Mönchengladbach, there was a single party for disabled people. There is something for in your cities?
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Blind gardener wins award Has been answered check out this news report: Graham Burtenshaw knows every last inch of his patch intimately, despite never laying his eyes on it.The Picton man lost ...
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