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User snoopdog Has been answered Hello user snoopdog, Where are you from? In your profile is Germany but the country is Switzerland flag? I'm confused.... :o
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looking for friends from us Has been answered hi, i am caroline. i am looking for friends from the us. please write me! bye caroline
1 (1814)
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Avez-vous déjà vu? Has been answered Jsais pas si vous parlez français mais si oui: Connaissez-vous "avez vous déjà vu..?" Jles adore!!! Ici le link: http://avezvous-deja-vu.skyrock.com/ ...
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page in Frensh possible? Has been answered Hello from France! I speak badly Enlish! sorry! Can you please make a page in Frensh? This I am more easy for me. Kisses from Claire
1 (1876)
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What is Obama's record? Has been answered As an Expat American living in Switzerland I keep track of all "disability" news coming from the White House. It sounds all wonderful and promising. I ...
1 (1967)
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i am a crazycat :-) Has been answered hello, i am crazycat! i want to exchange with other people with handicap who are also crazy :-) hope you are there - somewhere! yours, crazycat :-)
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Friends from the Netherlands Has been answered Hello, I am Nils from the Netherlands. I am looking for friends with handicap living in the Netherlands. Please contact me! Nils
1 (1968)
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My home is my castle. Has been answered Is it just me, or ... ?
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There are music stars with foundations for disabled ... Good morning, there are world-famous musicians working for people with disabilities.
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freak show wanna see a real freak show? check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMI9_Mj6_84&feature=related
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