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wetten dass gerkan tv show Has been answered hey folks! i was just wondering if anyone outside of germany have recognizedche terrible acciden t we had last saturtday inn our german tv show "wetten ...
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pimp my tree ?! Has been answered Hello. I'm new here and from Poland. Since I have MS I can't decorate my christmas tree well. So I'm searching for one who would "pimp" it for me. It also ...
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Any ideas for great X-mas dinner? Has been answered Hi I'm still waiting for an inspiration. What should I put in the oven (duck, turkey) or what about cheese fondue - that's great and needs no endlessy ...
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Animals with prosthesis Has been answered Hi there I've found this article about a horse with a leg prosthesis: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smokeonit/3119427464/ I mean, it's really cute ...
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new year with wheelchair Has been answered hi, which city is good to celebrate new year with wheelchair? thank you, Alix
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bad weather today, with you, too? Has been answered it's raining, raining and raining :roll:
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More people from Switzerland here? Hi, are there more people from Switzerland here on this page, who dont speak German so well? Maybe, we can connect a little bit. Bye, Cheesi
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easy recipies to cook? Has been answered Hello, I am looking for easy recepies to cook. Thank you, Augusto
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Bella Italia! Has been answered Hi, do you remember me? Crazycat :-) Everybody who is freezing now in his country come to Bella Italia! Here it's still quite warm! And it's not too ...
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I cant believe this Has been answered MyHandicap is Swiss, right? So now I ask, what is the matter in Swisserland, that you kick off people from other countries, if the have to go to prison? ...
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