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New Year in other countries Has been answered Hello, I would be interested, how do you celebrate New Year in your country? Byebye, GirlySue
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Hi there...are you stuck in an airport? Has been answered are you stuck in an airport like me? Here in Paris it's like on board of the Titanic - people running around or silently accepting their fate - my plane ...
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What do you do at Xmas? Has been answered Hello! What are your plans for the Xmas day? We -me and my girlfriend- want to visit her grandparents (is abt 70km away) and on our backway we'd like ...
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christmas poem Has been answered hi - i found a nice christmas poem. want to share it with you: Recipe for Christmas All Year Long Take a heap of child-like wonder That opens up ...
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christmas in other coutries hello everybody around the world!!! here is hotbabe from germany! i would like to know, how are you celebrating christmas in your country! in germany we ...
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X-mas on a weekend Has been answered I find it great that X-mas will fall on a weekend this year. Normally, you always get these fights about who will take this special holiday and who don't...and ...
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Cheesi from Switzerland Has been answered Hi, I am Cheesi and I am from Switzerland. One question, you have a Swisspage - why only in German??? I dont think it is logical Swiss People who are ...
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looking for friends Has been answered Hi, I am Anuk, I want to improve my English. I am looking for friends all around the world. I sit in a wheelchaire and I have lot of times to write mails ...
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wetten dass gerkan tv show Has been answered hey folks! i was just wondering if anyone outside of germany have recognizedche terrible acciden t we had last saturtday inn our german tv show "wetten ...
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pimp my tree ?! Has been answered Hello. I'm new here and from Poland. Since I have MS I can't decorate my christmas tree well. So I'm searching for one who would "pimp" it for me. It also ...
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