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When is Travel & Leisure going to really start serving the needs of handicapped travelers?

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Is this title a surprise to you? Did you think the ADA act took care of this? I wish that were true.

To the airlines...A wheelchair is a direct extension of the body. Would you ask an amputee to store his prosthesis in the cargo compartment? You damage far too many wheelchairs to the extent that it ruins vacations for the handicapped and their family. Provide a wheelchair space in the passenger compartment.

To the airports…Do you provide a special place for handicapped transportation vehicles? Not just a space with a handicapped sign on it. Remember many handicapped also have emotional development issues and big buses and other noises could scare them.

To rental car companies...Do you meet and help your handicapped clients in a quiet and convenient place on arrival & departure? Do you guide your client through the many obstacles airports present?

To hotels & resorts...You do the best job in this group, but do you have a pool lift easily available.

To vacation home renters...Many of you think that Wheelchair Accessible means a chair can get through the front door.

To the Public...Some of you see a wheelchair like a yellow traffic light and run to get in front of a wheelchair for a crowded elevator.

I am a part of this myself and experience this with my handicapped clients everyday. I am a wheelchair accessible van rental company. I strive to do my part at www.myredhats.com Let’s all work together and encourage each other to do better for handicapped travelers.

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