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Wheelie Good Hotels

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wheelie good hotels
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Travelling to far off destinations and finding the right accommodation can be sometimes hassle and more so for those who are physically challenged due to some disability, handicap, being paraplegic, quadriplegic, elderly wheelchair users and their families. It is mainly for the reason that most hotels are not suitably designed, equipped or staffed to be wheel chair accessible. It can prove to be particularly difficult for wheel chair users to find suitable accommodation at the destination of their choice, either on holidays or a business trip
For those of you, who have faced such difficulties in the past, we made some research online to find a suitable and hassle free tool for finding wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation. Though, there are many individual hotels that offer online services for wheelchair accessible accommodation but what we found is a rich database that carries all the required information in one place at wheeliegoodhotels.com
How wheeliegoodhotels.com is different?
The purpose of the site is to provide a global searchable database of hotels and holiday accommodation venues, which offer facilities specifically to suit the special needs of non ambulant wheelchair users.
Most hotel booking sites which show venues as 'wheelchair accessible' may only mean ground floor access. The helpful site packs a user friendly database of suitable accommodation with global offerings. You can book directly with provider to ensure correct type of room guaranteed and that too with no booking fees.
wheeliegoodhotels.com offer you a wide array of possibilities depending upon your purpose of stay, including but not limited to:
• Hotels
• Motels
• Apartments
• Houses
• Cottages
• Cabins
• Guest houses
• B&Bs
• Farm stays
• Caravan parks
• House boats
You can even add your own or recommend listing for free after signing up and logging in.
How does it work?
A very simple and hassle free interface would ask you to specify your intended destination with “Where do you want to go?” Just punch in your desired destination country and the results would be displayed with detailed information on the hotel address, website, contact number and the features that hotel offers to wheelchair bound guests. You can even view the reviews from those guests who have been there before you.
wheeliegoodhotels.com is the brainchild of Steve Massingham who undertook the venture to facilitate the wheelchair bound travelers in finding the wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation that is “ACTUALLY wheelchair accessible”. The site painstakingly gathered data about all such hotels and presently serves information on such hotels in over 60 countries. Another interesting feature of the information sharing is that, the site allows the visitors to share their own listings for the benefits of other users. They can also add their reviews about the facilities offered by individual hotels.
The site is in fact a great information source and direct link with selected accommodation providers to ensure that wheelchair bound travelers are not disappointed on arrival at the destination.
Please visit wheeliegoodhotels.com for more information.

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