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Dear users

Happy independence day, America!
But today some news from Canada (there you are, Nathan! icon_wink.gif)

Nice raising awareness programme!
Students on path of self-discovery: There are 10 universities across Canada participating in the programme that let the students experience what it’s like to be a child with disability. Read more about that here: http://www.chroniclejournal.com/content/news/local/2011/07/05/students-path-self-discovery

Vaughan Special Needs Programs Fall 2010 - Winter 2011
Did you know that the City of Vaughan offers a number of great programs for special needs kids, youth and adults.
Here is a quick summary of their programmes: http://www.special-need-child-canada.com/vaughan-special-needs-programs-fall-2010-winter-2011.html

And there is a conference ahead, literally spoken:
AHEAD Conference 2011, (=Association of Higher Education and Disability) July 11 - 16, 2011, at the Sheraton Seattle and the Washington Convention Center in Seattle, Washington, USA.
The annual international AHEAD conference brings together professionals in the fields of higher education and disability for a week of information-sharing, networking and theoretical and practical training. Find out more about this conference: http://www.ahead.org/conferences/2011
The AHEAD offers very interesting workshops and other events too, e.g. online-programmes. See here: http://www.ahead.org/events-and-workshops

And something from one of our users: Cho asks you to send your old hearing aids and devices to Japan. Read more about that in her thread: http://bit.ly/kbhnkv Thanks Cho for your commitment!

MyHandicap itself has some news too: We are setting up an events calendar soon. I will let you know when it’s ready!

All the best to you all!


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Written on: 05/07/2011 [12:05]
Die Website für Menschen mit Behinderung und schwerer Krankheit / Community for disabled people
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Thanks Maggie! icon_lol.gif

Written on: 06/07/2011 [12:16]
Die Website für Menschen mit Behinderung und schwerer Krankheit / Community for disabled people