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Staxi Wheelchairs

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If you are somebody who has faced great difficulty whilst at theme parks, shopping malls, stadiums or other such facilities, then you need to consider at Staxi Wheelchair
They are designed specificially as a transport chair, they are built for large busy places, such as those stated above and hospitals and airports. The chair has been designed in such a way that it is durable in all weather types, as it is water resistant and further still it has many features, such as being easily stackable in public places, preventing the chances of people taking the chairs. This was a big concern for many companies, as the foldable chairs made it easier for people to steal the wheelchairs. As the chair has no removable parts it is maintenance free.
The chairs can also hold a large amount of weight, so wether you need to carry bags or other belongings with you it can manage up to 225KG.
The chairs also provide a maximum amount of comfort to the patient, the chairs are contoured and therefore provide comofrt to those who use the chairs.

So if you belong to a company that requires safe and reliable chairs, consider Staxi Wheelchairs, take a look at what they can offer for you.

STAXI Wheelchairs
Written on: 05/07/2013 [12:20]
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