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secular epiphanies in disability

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It amazes me how a man whose very nature is inconsistent with community can survive purely through the support of community. All my life I've screwed up my membership in every group I've been a member of, alienated friends, trashed my standing with organizations, but I also can't take care of myself, so it's only society's kindness that has kept me alive until age 47. The whole thing boggles the mind.

in late 2012, I suffered a mysterious one-time seizure that led to a head MRI. The test discovered a scar on the left frontal lobe of my brain, likely caused by emergency head surgery in 1975. I spent nearly 38 years not knowing that I was brain injured, but in 1991 I did get (mis?)diagnosed as schizophrenic and believed until just this month that I was. Over the years there have been suggestions that I have a personality disorder and/or asperger syndrome. And it all could be because a piece of my brain got hacked off by a kind and very skilled surgeon who saved my life...and in the process destroyed it.

I am totally open to suggestions here. What do you want to do with a guy who can't fit in anywhere and is the object of justified contempt from the very people who care for him because he can't care for himself?
Written on: 05/02/2013 [03:46]
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