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I need your advise for my lovable daughter.....

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Let me introduce myself as Asmitha , I have a 12 years old daughter who got menses matured one and half years back.
Since maturity I could find a lot of abnormal behavioral changes in her as follows:
• Not concentration on studies as earlier.
• Not showing interest to talk / Play with her age group female children whereas she prefers spending time / playing with little kids( mostly boys) who are 5-10 years old.(Not with girl kids)
• Raising more number of questions to me likes” Am I cute?” “How my eye looks like?” ”Am I prettier more than you?” “How am I looking like?
• She need to attract others and wants to have words like “ You are more pretty ever since”
• Even though there is sufficient space in my home campus, she would like to play (Badminton) in street itself and harshly refuses to play inside home.

Due to above behaviors, my neighbors are not liking to talk to her and she missed to create goodwill among others/neibhors/Family friends/ relatives.
When we try to explain about her mistake or guide her the right way, she is listening properly but after an hour she forgets everything and starts doing again the same mistakes.

I keep on watching these kind of incidents and warned her seriously, but she is not at all obeying my words.

She also claims that would not pleased and happy only if I leave her and part.

Due to above I feel very scared, uncomfortable and much bothered about her future. Here I need to point out one thing that I love her deeply, madly but I am not happy with her activities.

What can I do? Is there any problem at my side? I need to save her from any Hassles.

Kindly request you to help me out. Many thanks in advance!

Note: I am not able to bring my daughter to your clinic for treatment, so please if you wish to share your feedback thru’ mail will be a great help for us.
Written on: 14/06/2013 [12:32]
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