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I need support from any good Samaritan individual, group, or organization.

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I suffered from paraplegia when I was 12 years old and was recovered after 4 years. The effect was that I walked with limp. When I reached 42 I was diagnosed with prostate enlargement and kidney dysfunction and eventually I become limp again and now I am using a homemade wooden walker.

I have no income and no assistance from government. I only depend with the help of my sisters who have their own families. Now, I am looking for any sponsor who could provide me with dependable walker or maybe wheelchair for this matter.

I also have knowledge in business management as I took up Commerce course in college and I want to put up an encoding and internet research service. This means I need a personal computer that I can use in this venture.

I hope and pray that I will find good hearted individual who sponsor me with my plea.

Thank you so much in advance and I look forward for a positive comments and rewards. God bless us all.

Written on: 15/03/2013 [16:49]
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