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Depressions after scoliosis surgery

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I've had a scoliosis surgery on June 20th, 2011. Having been against my will, this surgery caused a lot of pain and disables. These are:

- I've often got back pain which sometimes gets so bad that I have to take painkillers (I didn't have a lot of pain before the surgery)
- Neither I can sit nor stand or walk for a long time.
- I can't do a lot of sports any more (I used to be able to do almost every kind of sports)
- I can't bend over any more.
- I can't kneel on the floor for a long time.
- I can't stand in buses any more.
- I can't do physically hard work, which will not only disable me ar work but also in household.

I think I've got depressions because of this (I cry every day), and I wanna make a therapy, but here in Germany, you've got to wait a long time until you'll get a therapy place. So, what can I do to be happier without having one?

Thanks for helping me.

(PS.: I've already asked this in the German version of the board, but more people will be able to understand and (hopefully) help me when I also write it in English.)

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Written on: 28/10/2012 [03:53]
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