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chronic nerve pain in lower abdomen from last two years implication of laparoscopic surgery

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Dear Sir/ Madam,

I was working in nEDM experiment at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland. I registered my PhD in K U Leuven, Belgium.

In Feb 2015, I fell ill and undergone a laparoscopic surgery in Baden hospital. Due to surgical malfunction I am suffering from the chronic pain (abdomen and back). It is diagnosed that iliohypogastric nerve has been damaged during the surgery. Still there is no proper way to treat for this chronic nerve pain. The medical experts prescribed opioid and pregablin to reduce the pain. I am taking treatment in Zurich hospital. I waited for two years to get back to good health but finally I lost hope in doctors in Switzerland. Owing to this medical condition, I am unable to complete my PhD dissertation and get back to work at PSI.
I have undergone almost all tests prescribed by experts from Zurich hospital and pain pelvic board, but results in nothing. Finally doctor told me to wait till it will go by itself..................Then I decide to leave the medication.

My wife got position in the Tubingen university. Last month we moved to Germany.

I have attended many interviews, but the main problem is that Professors are not ready to help as I have recurring medical condition (I must take continuous medication (Morphine) for pain). I am really frustrated by these circumstances.

Few professors from University of Tubingen are interested but they are struggling with the funding. So, I decided to look for the individual funding to get back to main research stream. There is also not much help.

I have nearly 7 years of research experience. I worked for BARC, DOE India and INFN and PSI, Switzerland. I forced to leave my dissertation due to my health condition.

Now the pain is converting to psychological problem, its affecting my family and my little boy. we had no sexual intercourse and also interest for more than 2.5 years as the pain transmitting to penis.

Please let me know the proper way to apply for the funding or any other opportunity for my present case. It would be great help to get out of my both medical and financial problems. I feel this would be the last attempt to stay back in research.

No one has helped me to come out of the problem. I am feeling that my my life was ended at the age of 33. I am not getting much help as I am a non European (even social benefits).

Thank you very much,
Written on: 17/02/2017 [01:36]
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