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Camera for arm amputees

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Hi, I am urgently looking for a camera that I can use as an arm amputee. I have lost my right arm and my problem is that I find nowhere a camera that has the release on the left. With one that it on the right, I really struggle to handle the digital cam, it does not work. Please can someone help me? How do you take pictures? Best wishes
Written on: 15/03/2010 [17:04]
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I have my right forearm amputated and take photos with mobile phones, small digital camera and a big digital SLR model. For small cameras and the mobile phone I've been practicing. The trick is to balance it with the ribbon around her wrist to secure the position of the device so. Only press the release button then, when it really ready.
At first I thought it would never work, but it takes a while for practice, depending on hand size you have. You gotta look for yourself. I would just start to practice. The second thing I was always like that - even before the amputation - was that I did not make all the pictures with the viewfinder or screen, but shots from the wrist. In other words, I have experience in aiming and shooting blindly.
It’s clear that not each picture will be great but 80% on digital chips are already fine. The SLR camera (Fujifilm camera, S3) has a trigger on the top but also on the right side bottom. So I can put the thing on like that (around the neck). Wide-angle on and 80% of the pics are fine! It is primarily an exercise question.
Written on: 15/03/2010 [20:32]
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Hi, I'm not amputated, but left-handed. So I know your problem a little. My experience taught me patience and I was looking for a long time for the right device. Whether camera, drill, hairdryer, etc. Finding the right (for us left! icon_wink.gif ) device is too often a matter of luck. Sometimes you get lucky and find devices where the switches are arranged in the center. That helps something. In recent years, organizations for left-handed people have established.
They also know where to get special left-handed products. A whole industry is specialized for left-handed items.
Also think of rehabilitation aids. As there are more than just the usual everyday helpers. Greetings
Written on: 16/03/2010 [01:59]
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There is exactly one arm amputee across so many user forums that I know of, that systematically goes through and tests cameras and that also has a Fujifilm S3 camera. And that'd be me : ) So reading this post up there I was like, WHAT?

"Snakies" seems to have used an old post that I wrote in German and just shoved it through some online translator or so. At any rate, here is the original:


"Ich bin unterarmamputiert rechts und fotografiere mit Handy, kleiner digitaler Kamera und grossem digitalem Spiegelreflexmodell.

Bei den kleinen Kameras und auch dem Handy habe ich geübt. Die Kunst besteht darin, mit dem Bändel ums Handgelenk zur Sicherung die Lage des Geräts so auszubalancieren, dass man dann wirklich den Auslöser DANN betätigt, wenns soweit ist. Am Anfang dachte ich, das geht nie, aber es braucht Übung, je nach Handgrösse musst Du halt etwas schauen. Ich würde einfach zu üben anfangen.

Das zweite, was ich schon immer so hielt - auch vor der Amputation - war, dass ich nicht alle Fotos mit dem Sucher bzw. Bildschirm machte, sondern aus dem Handgelenk schoss. In anderen Worten habe ich schon Übung im blind zielen und knipsen. Klar wird dann nicht jedes Bild was, aber 80% sind auf digitalen Chips auch schon was.

Die Spiegelreflexkamera (Fujifilm Kamera, entsprechend S3) hat einen Auslöser oben, aber zusätzlich rechts seitlich unten. Ich kann das Ding also umhängen (um den Hals) und dann mit der linken Hand flach unter dem Apparat durchfassen und so bequem von vor dem Bauch auslösen; mit der linken Hand drehe ich die Kamera auch so, dass das Motiv etwa daruf ist. Weitwinkel drauf und 80% der Bilder sind geritzt.

Es ist vor allem eine Übungsfrage."

I do not think I would buy a full size DSLR camera again.

Currently, left handed use is no problem for almost all compact cameras. It still is manageable with any model of mirrorless range finder or mirrorless SLR style. No matter where the trigger is, it should be possible to take pictures.

Many current rangefinder style, also with interchangeable lenses, can take great pictures as quality often is determined more by good optics and sensor size, not by the fact that a particular camera is or is not an SLR.

Ich habe mir das Buch 'Do it yourself' gekauft. Auf deutsch ungefähr: 'Selbst ist der Mann'! Aber es muß heute ja englisch sein. (DONALD DUCK, aus Selbst ist der Mann)
Written on: 24/11/2014 [11:12]
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