Thank you, MyHandicap!

On this page, MyHandicap publishes a selection of thank you letters from affected people and their families.

“Dear MyHandicap team,

I just wanted to thank you again. Simply because you have taken my worries serious and have listened to me and have written back to me, and all this without asking for money. That is rare nowadays. This phase of my life was very bad for me, I didn’t want to go on any longer, and I have already given myself up. I thought to myself, a wreck like me, what use I am anyway.

But now I'm doing much better. [...] I now re-orient myself and I am looking for something new where I'm respected as human being, regardless of whether I am fat or thin. This simply doesn’t work in the world of dance, modelling and acting - especially not for women. That really makes me sad that it’s expected from women to be thin and beautiful; or they're simply no good. But I no longer take part in that.

Thanks again, all the best

Your ... "


"Because of the rapid, specific and non-bureaucratic help from MyHandicap, it quickly became apparent that there is no governmental support for my request. So I did not have to search for information any longer. For the quick reply and the nice phone call, I would like to thank MyHandicap once again. "


"Many thanks to the staff of MyHandicap - the friend in need who lends selflessly encouragement and advice to the side of affected people.

For many years, I see at work as a doctor in the ambu-latory, hospital and emergency department people who have got into medical distress. I have always tried to offer my help to affected people, but in many blows of fate, there unfortunately is a level which a "non-affected person" – even a doctor – can never reach: the level of understanding, derived from the own fate.

I can still clearly remember the day that would forever change my mother’s life and also affect my entire family. The day before, I helped as an emergency phy-sician in a serious car accident and then on the said date, my sister called me at noon.

She told me that my parents and she herself had a serious accident with many severely injured and dead people, and the condition of my mother was worrying. Then everything happened very quickly. My mother was flown to a Trauma Centre and was saved by a number of emergency operations, only that the "res-cue" included that she is now paralysed from the 2nd vertebra of the chest.

After the first anxious days of hoping that no further complications may arise, my mother woke again, and slowly she had to consider her "new life" in all its bearings and with that the frustration, grief and de-spair that she would never again lead the life she used to lead.

Days and weeks of helplessness and the longing for death followed; who could understand her? Really understand what was going on instead of just giving well-meant advice. I saw and heard the despair in her eyes, in her voice and so I myself was devastated too.

In my helplessness, I combed through everything look-ing for something that would help me get out of this seemingly hopeless situation; and there, I found on the Internet the website of MyHandicap.

A short time later, I had a sympathetic voice on the phone who listened to my tearful description of the health of my mother and promised swift help - self-lessly, with no financial exposure. And this in these times, where people usually think only of themselves and their own advantages!

Shortly after that, the help arrived at the hospital. My mother told me about a young, fun-loving man, who only flew for my mother from southern Germany to Hamburg. Mr. Sommer, who is himself an "affected person", supported my mother with "understanding" encouragement and showed her that – although a new chapter of her life had begun with the paraplegia – life still has many beautiful sites.

He even offered further advice and help for the future that she could meet the new situation with all its diffi-culties.

It will take time until my mother has found the strength to cope with the new situation, but thanks to the help from people like Mr. Sommer and other members of MyHandicap, she regained a perspective beyond frustration, sadness and self-abandonment.

With deep gratitude, "


“Thank you for your full and prompt answers. It is comforting and fortifying of you to receive differentiated perspectives as well. Especially helpful is again to receive a resource-oriented perspective. I have lost those a little, I think. Many thanks again for this :-)

I thank you for the time that you have made available to us, and I wish you all the best.

Nice that this website exists ...!!"


"That's a great thing what you have set up."