Help young people with +1 AM TISCH (+1 at the table)

Help young people with +1 AM TISCH
Help young people with +1 AM TISCH

More and more young refugees, some of them still minors, arrive in Switzerland. Sometimes they arrive on their own and need to find their way in a new environment without family able to support them. Voluntary mentors accompany these young refugees as they arrive in Switzerland and try to help them find their way in a new society.

The Tipiti Association and the MyHandicap Foundation are jointly implementing the +1 AM TISCH project, launched by the Swiss International Social Service (SSI), in the canton of St. Gallen. 

Some children and young people refugees have lost everything when they arrive here in Switzerland. They do not know where their parents are and whether they will ever see them again. These young people spent months, perhaps even years, fleeing hunger, poverty and war. They slept here and there - on the ship, on the train, on a bench and always had to be on guard. Among other things, these young people were exposed to extreme physical and psychological stress.

They left everything behind and must now cope in a new world, that's very different from anything they've ever known. Through our project +1 AM TISCH, these young people receive protection through connection, attention and togetherness and will bring them closer to our world.

These young people are dependent on our support.
If you would like to become a helper of +1 AM TISCH yourself, please contact us. If you do not have the possibility to bring these young people to your lunch table, you can also support the project financially. Support the project +1 AM TISCH with a donation and thus contribute to the well-being of the young refugees.

Thank you very much for your support.