Learning Lunches: Responsible Leadership & Ability Management

Learning Lunches

Learning Lunches give participants the opportunity to gain some insights on capacity-oriented working. People with disabilities set the example.

Participants will gain insights into success stories of inclusion by watching the movie  „Unter Wasser atmen - Das zweite Leben des Dr. Nils Jent” (Audience Award at the Zurich Film Festival in 2011, in German) or through reading excerpts from Röbi Koller’s bestseller „Dr. Nils Jent – Ein Leben am Limit“.

The “Lessons Learned” discussion at the end of the meeting will give participants the opportunity to develop concrete solutions for efficiently succeeding to integrate co-workers’ capacities in the work environment. 

Script - Two 2-hour sessions over midday, for ex. one month apart 

1st session

Introduction in “Responsible Leadership”, “Ability Management” and resource-oriented leadership: 15 min.

Film presentation “Unter Wasser atmen – Das zweite Leben des Dr. Nils Jent”: 90 min.

“Lessons Learned” and input for the participants in preparation for the 2nd session: 15 min.

2nd session

Feedback from the 1st session: Responsible Leadership and Ability Management – what does it mean? 20 min.

How to achieve success:

Pushing the limits with Ability Management: 20 min.

MyAbility to do list: 

Elaboration of concrete, easy-to-implement solutions for the work environment.

Capacity-oriented team building: 80 min.

Teamwork with moderator, implementation of efficient tools, whenever possible with the participation of MyHandicap volunteers as moderators. 

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