Our service offer

The foundation MyHandicap has set the goal of improving the life of disabled people and their families. How we want to implement this goal and what services we provide, you learn in the following.

Focus on strengths

For MyHandicap, the following principle applies: "School, Employment and Sports for all abilities”. This means: Rather than concentrating on the deficits or impairments of disabled people, their different strengths should be optimally used - in education, employment and sports.

For so-called "Diversity Management" leads to the sustainable integration of disabled people within these three areas. In the factsheet below, you can see our targets in various areas:

MyHandicap Factsheet (PDF)


The Internet portal is the basis of our services

Due to his own experience (amputation after accident), Joachim Schoss decided to establish the foundation MyHandicap and make a contribution to facilitate the life of people with disabilities. The platform www.myhandicap.com is the basis of all services of the foundation.

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For what values we stand for, what our position is and which ideas formed our various services, can be found here:

Presentation MyHandicap