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About privacy

Thank you for your interest in the data security principles for this website.

Here, you find out how we protect and man-age the personal, payment-relevant and other information provided by you on this website. The respect and protection of your personal data is a vitally important concern to us.

We ask you to carefully read the statements concerning privacy and data security, including the chapter on the use of terms. In that chapter, the restrictions are listed, which will apply to your use of the information, images and technologies provided on or through the web-site. These points are of relevance for us from a legal point of view. By using the website you agree to these terms.

In this statement of our principles and rules, you will find the terms “Foundation", "we," "our" and "us" – which all refer to the charita-ble Foundation MyHandicap Ltd. located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
To find out who we are, what goals we pursue, please visit our website

Storage of access files

Each time a user accesses a page of the Internet offer of MyHandicap and every retrieval of data, a file access data is stored on this process in a log file on our server. Each record consists of:

  • the pages from which the file has been requested
  • the name of the file
  • the date and time of the request
  • the access status (file transmitted, file not found, etc.)
  • the amount of transferred data
  • a description of the used type of browser
  • the IP address of the client

The stored data are used only for statistical purposes.

If there is the possibility within the Internet offer to enter personal or business data (email address, names, addresses), the data is given on a voluntary basis by the user.
Those data will be kept confidential as well. Neither there is a link to the above-named data. If requested, users have the right to re-ceive the information regarding the storage of their personal information that you have posted. In addition, they have the right to cor-rect, block or delete any personal data, within accordance with the statutory regulations.


Cookies are small text files that are transmit-ted along with the actually requested data from the Internet to your computer. There, these data are stored and made available for later retrieval.
The charitable Foundation MyHandicap Ltd. uses cookies in some areas.
Also on linked pages, cookies may be used without informing you in advance.
Especially within the login process, so-called session cookies are required, because we use a so-called “single-sign-on concept” for usability reasons for the authentication and for the access control to the areas of our portal. This includes the setting of a “session” between the client and server, which allows you to move within the entire portal, without having to log in again each time you enter a new area. This session is represented by a cookie that in which a randomly generated number is stored. Furthermore, your login information (username, user rights and the validity of the session) are saved in another cookie for access control. You can imagine this as a replacement login data. Instead of re-enter your login information if needed, the cookie is sent to the server, and accepted as proof of identity.

Does MyHandicap pass on information that is collected on the website to third parties?

Since the close cooperation of the foundations MyHandicap Germany and MyHandicap Switzerland thanks to which the extensive offer can be realised, your data is transferred between these two organisations for the purpose of implementing the application of our offer.

Switzerland and Germany are countries with adequate privacy protection.


In the case that third parties are consulted for administrative services such as credit card processing, these services are purchased only on the condition that all personal information is strictly confidential and will be used only for the purposes of the organisation.

MyHandicap may not disclose personal infor-mation if required by law or an authority. This is also the case when we have reason to be-lieve that there is an violation or misuse of our website. In these cases, we reserve the right to disclose necessary personal information or the requested information to authorities.

General, statistic and non personal information such as numbers of the visitors of our website and the use of certain features or offers can be handed to third parties who work for us, e.g. for promotion purposes of our website.

The use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., to enable an analysis of the use of the website.
From the information generated from Google Analytics about your use of this site (including your IP address) are transferred and stored on a server of Google Inc. in the United States.
Google will use this information only to ana-lyse the use of the website by generating anonymous evaluations and charts on the number of visits, number of pages accessed by each user etc. That information, we only use for purposes of your own research, and most notably for the optimisation and a user-oriented design of our websites.
More information about the technology used by Google is available on:

Links to other websites

The online offer includes links to other web-sites. We cannot control if the operators of those websites apply to the privacy regulations. External websites are represented in special colours.
The charitable Foundation MyHandicap Ltd. is as a provider responsible for its contents under the general laws. Those own contents are to be distinguished from links that are provided by other providers. External contents which are made available through links and are specially marked, MyHandicap accepts no responsibility and does not apply necessarily to those contents. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and for damage which arose from the use or misuse of information, only the provider of the website is liable. The editor is only responsible for external hints if the editor has positive knowledge about the possible illegal or criminal content and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent their use.

Note to parents or other authorized persons

Parents or other authorized persons are re-sponsible for protecting the privacy of their children.
Parents and other authorized persons are asked to speak to their children about safe and responsible use of their personal data on the Internet.

Our regulations

Is MyHandicap allowed to edit offered ser-vices or contents?

We reserve the right to change or delete con-tents that do not awaken the users’ interests.

Are there any restrictions on the use of the site, including text, photos and features?

By using our website you accept the regula-tions contained in this declaration and agree to them. These rules were created to your and our protection.

Most of the contents, features and technolo-gies were made available to us under the con-dition that the respective property remains protected. Further material and technologies are owned by the charitable Foundation MyHandicap Ltd.

Copying or using texts, photos, graphic ele-ments, features or technologies for the pur-pose of personal gain, for commercial purposes or for improper or illegal activities are prohibited. This also includes the use of mate-rials or technologies for private interests or activities that could harm MyHandicap or have nothing to do with our work.

Names and logos are protected by law and may not be used without written permission. For questions about this, please contact the charitable Foundation MyHandicap Ltd.

The sending or downloading of material that is not your property or for which you have no use permission, is prohibited and may constitute a breach of the law.

The breach of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights may result in civil or criminal consequences.

The above explanations also include sending or storing information on our website which violates the law or the rights of third parties (in particular copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, privacy and confidentiality).

What is our liability for the use of this site?

Regarding the free services offered on or through the website, we are only liable in cases of serious intentional misconduct or gross negligence by its legal representative or any of its employees in the exercise of his or her work for the organisation.

These limitations will apply to all claims for damages, regardless of whether they relate to a breach of contract, tort or are supported by any another cause.

Jurisdiction and place of execution is St. Gallen, Switzerland.