Samuel Schmied

Samuel Schmid
Samuel Schmid

Samuel Schmid
Federal President
Director of the Dept. for
 National Security and Sport

Mr. Joachim Schoss
Foundation President
8700 Küsnacht

3003 Bern, 15. August 2005  


Dear Mr Schoss

A disability is in many ways a barrier for those affected. Our task is to try to daily remove and break down these barriers, as the goal of our society should be that no one must stand alone in the shadows of exclusion.

With your website you are reaching out to the affected, to overcome the barriers of a disability, you give solutions where problems arise, you show through role models that one; even with a disability, must never give up happiness, hope and the belief in the future.

I welcome every initiative, which has the goal of dismantling barriers faced by minority groups and the weak of our society. For this reason I’m pleased, when I can in this way assist that finds support and users.

Samuel Schmid