Letter of Support

Joseph Deiss (Quelle:cropped version of [1] / Wikimedia.org
Joseph Deiss (Quelle:cropped version of [1] / Wikimedia.org

Joseph Deiss
Federal President of
The Swiss Confederation

Bern, 06. October 2004

Joachim Schoss
Foundation President
8700 Küsnacht


Dear Mr. Schoss

All people have the right to equality in society. This is why Politicians, businessmen/women and every single person are called to the task of removing barriers and to support the autonomy and reintegration of disabled people. With the foundation Myhandicap you are helping to remove both visible as well as invisible barriers.
The communicative exchange between those affected, but also between people with and those without a disability can make a valuable contribution to improving the quality of life of disabled people. For this reason I welcome your initiative and support the foundation Myhandicap. I am also pleased, when I can in this way help Myhandicap to find further helpers, donators, sponsors and above all users.

Yours sincerely

Joseph Deiss