Frank Bodin

"A society, in which only health counts, is sick. This is sufficient reason for me, and the agencies which I represent to put head and heart into supporting".

The man who says this is Frank Bodin, currently "The advertiser in Switzerland", is a creative multi talent. In his early years he was an acclaimed upcoming musician, who had his first success playing the clarinet and the piano with top international orchestras and even composed his own music.

During the time of his studies and with the goal of becoming an opera director at the Hamburg State Opera he was confronted with advertising industry for the first time. Already the first advertising campaign from Frank was praised and awarded, which paved the way for his future life. He worked as a lyricist and he passed through various positions in numerous agencies. In the mean while he is the director of the working group RSCG in Switzerland, with whom he continuously wins prizes at top international advertising festivals like Cannes and Monteux.