MyHandicap International - Mission Statement

left to right: Niklas Guggenberger, Iris Röder, Dr. Dominik B. Domnik, Robert Freumuth, Joachim Schoss, Felicitas Ehret, Steffen Lindner
Bill Clinton with the MyHandicap Foundation Board, the CEOs and the managing editor

The foundation MyHandicap is influenced, in its activities and objectives, by the fate of its founder and Board President Joachim Schoss.

Joachim Schoss himself lost a leg and an arm in a traffic accident – with profound human, job and finance related consequences.

Once he has succeeded in re-establishing in life and his independence, he decided to build up the foundation MyHandicap with which he wants to support other affected people on their way.


We want to improve people’s life who are significantly impaired by a physical limitation in their daily lives.
This is done by providing comprehensive information and advice about all areas of everyday life with the aim to enable affected people to live a largely independent life.

In addition, we want to improve the integration of people with disabilities through raising awareness in society and economy.


We offer an Internet portal where we bring together information, knowledge and experience in all areas of life with disability and mobility impairment.

We are an entry portal for affected people and their families, through which they can promptly and efficiently find desired information and contacts.

The community and various boards on the portal encourage interested parties to exchange views among themselves and with experts in order to mutually benefit from experience and support.

With our address-book MyAdress, affected people can move easier in everyday life because they can check and update addresses in the address-book where they will encounter fewer obstacles. (MyAdress is only available in German and covers mainly addresses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.)

We provide personal support to newly affected people through our Ambassadors. Our Ambassador organisation gives newly affected people the opportunity to authentically visualise their future by being accompanied for sharing by an experienced person with a similar disability.


We are committed to continual development. We want to extend our activities where we recognise needs and are able to fulfil them. Based in Switzerland and Germany, we want to expand into other countries and continents to reach there as well other affected people and to increase the exchange between people with disabilities across borders and cultures.

Basic attitude

Life with a disability can be fulfilled and self-determined.
We want to encourage independence, to obtain the best possible support and to contribute to a high quality of life of people with disabilities. We want to help to ensure that affected people can participate actively in all areas of life.

Ethical principals

We concentrate on the personal responsibility and self-determination of individuals and therefore help them to help themselves.
Authenticity is important to us, so we concentrate on the help from affected people for affected people.

Openness and tolerance are the basis of our business. We respect the individual path, and the individual values of affected people.
We stand for social equality of people with disabilities.

For us, it is obvious that people with disabilities can participate actively in daily life and be present.

Specialist principles / Cooperation

We see our expertise in the combination of personal experience and proven technical expertise.We want to provide information and help with our portal to access existing services of third parties. Where there are none, we aim to fill gaps by generating information.

We want to foster cooperation and networking among people with disabilities, as well as between them and experts.

We have access to the private sector and other non-profit organisations.


We are a non-profit organisation that has an entrepreneurial activity in its conduct. We husband our resources and aim to help with as few resources as many people with disabilities as possible.

We are financed by donations, sponsorships and contributions from the founder.

The people who work for us

Our employees are able to develop their work with us and in accordance with their capabilities. They find a job that is meaningful and is running with a personal commitment.
We rely on volunteer contributors, and want to allow volunteers to experience personal enrichment and development.


We are a young organisation that is leaded by engagement and cooperation. Our organisation is project-based and works across countries within a project.

The autonomy at workplace is encouraged. A culture of open communication and exchange of information are the pillars of co-operation for us.

We pursue goals and develop objectives for projects, for teams and for individuals together.

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