MyHandicap Germany

MyHandicap Team Germany
MyHandicap Team Germany

In Germany, MyHandicap has an independent country organisation based in Munich.

MyHandicap Germany was founded at the end of 2005 by Joachim Schoss, President of the Board of Trustees of MyHandicap International. Currently, the German subsidiary is headed by Alexander Hopman, Managing Director.

MyHandicap Germany, like the MyHandicap Foundation, pursues the goal of improving the living conditions of people who are significantly impaired in their everyday lives by physical limitations.

This is done by providing comprehensive information and advice on all aspects of everyday life with the aim of enabling people to live largely independently. In addition, MyHandicap Germany would like to further improve the integration of people with disabilities by sensitizing society and business.

MyHandicap Germany is pursuing these goals by setting up and expanding the Internet portal and the address directory MyAdress in German-speaking countries. Furthermore, it supports the MyHandicap Foundation in its further internationalization.

MyHandicap has opted for the legal form of a non-profit limited liability company in Germany.

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