Netiquette - Rules to follow when using the Board

This netiquette is designed to serve as a help for using the Board when communicating with other users and provides guidelines for using the system.

Everybody can get some help

This discussion board of is based on the idea that people with disabilities can benefit from support as well as friendly and constructive advice. Therefore, we welcome everyone alike, whether they are concerned themselves, or people standing close to them such as family or friends, or anyone interested to know about the needs of people with disabilities or affected by a severe disease.

Because this also implies that people from all walks of life can find their way to this place, it may well happen that some questions or replies cause some misunderstandings for some people. Should this happen, please keep in mind that any contribution can have some significance to one person and to his or her life situation. We want to help and motivate. Therefore, we look forward to every contribution.

If users - especially if they are new to the Board - ask questions that have already been asked umpteen times, or that you cannot agree with, we ask you to refrain from aggressive postings or cynical undertones. This also applies to questions posted in the wrong discussion board or that have been posted many times. If a posting upsets you, it is sometimes better not to respond rather than making a hateful comment. If, however, you see a violation of our netiquette, please share it with the editorial staff by pressing the "report" button.

Users who have been part of the community for a longer time are invited to guide or instruct newcomers.

Tone of conversation

The tone of conversation in the board is respectful. Even if an issue seems controversial to you, you should relax and keep distance from personal insults. Any disrespectful label such as "stupid", "arrogant", "incapable" and the like, directed at a participant, will not be tolerated on the board. Try to stay cool and keep your calm and if something seems critical to you, do not hesitate to contact the MyHandicap team. Basically, keep in mind that if you may criticize the entry or comment, it is not acceptable to criticize the author.

Tolerance and respect

Tolerance and respect are expected by all users. Regardless of nationality, age, language, sex, handicap, religion or belief, each user can freely express his or her opinion, as long as the opinion of other users is respected as well.

Any racial or discriminatory comment or right-wing propaganda (including the denial of the Holocaust) will lead to a warning or to immediate closure of your MyHandicap account.

In addition to that, the publication of any of the following contents leads to the immediate exclusion from the MyHandicap community:

  • contents, links, files that offend general laws;
  • pornographic contents or reference to pages with pornographic contents;
  • illegal / racial contents and calls for such actions;
  • instructions / considerations about performing illegal actions (e.g. illegal downloads);
  • defamatory / molesting contents;
  • software / services for distribution of unwanted email messages (spam);
  • links to pages on which you pay a fee for calling the page (dialer, etc.).

Multiple Accounts

The use of two or more accounts per person is not permitted. Exceptions may be granted in special cases. Please contact the editorial office if you wish to receive the permission for having more than one account.

Private messages

The MyHandicap platform offers the possibility of exchanging private messages. The contents of a private message should be treated accordingly. It is therefore prohibited to publish private communications in whole, in parts or in quotations without the permission of the sender.


For your own protection, do not publish any postal addresses, names, phone numbers, or similar personal data. This also applies to contact details of third parties!

More information about Terms of Privacy


The editorial staff reserves itself the right to block users who are obviously keen to disturb the peaceful process on the board without any warning, and exclude them from the board.

Protection of children and youth

The MyHandicap board is designed for everyone, regardless of their age. Since any under-aged person can read the board entries, no entry with contents which violate the law for the protection of children and youth or any other inappropriate content should be published.

Topic headings

Please choose meaningful headings. This will make it easier for other users to see what the posting is about and to answer or contribute within a short time.

Choosing the right discussion board

Subject-specific issues should be placed in the right board so as to avoid unnecessary confusion through moving the subject by the MyHandicap team. Topics of general nature belong to the Chit Chat forum.

Avoid double contributions

If you see that your question was asked before but the provided answer is unsatisfactory, we recommend you to continue the given thread. This way, it will reappear on the top of the list again. It makes more sense to gather different answers on the same topic than creating three threads about the same topic.


Anyone can make a mistake. The best is to simply ignore typos. Hinting at them will usually lead to unnecessary disputes, which can easily turn a previously good discussion into a board war.


Useful tips from private users, concerning products, are allowed and welcome. However, pure advertising threads from companies or organisations are not allowed on our discussion board. MyHandicap offers the possibility to advertise; should you be interested, consult the website or send an email to: contact(at)myhandicap(dot)com.