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Wheelie Good Hotels Travelling to far off destinations and finding the right accommodation can be sometimes hassle and more so for those who are physically challenged due ...
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Disabled from Eastern Europe loking for used car with ... Has been answered Hi! I am a disabled from Eastern Europe: lost my right forearm. I am loking for an affordable used car with automatic gear (and, eventually, with further ...
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Need help to figure out how to hire a wheel chair in ... Has been answered Traveling to Switzerland with my 83 year old dad. He is not handicapped but can only walk a few steps at a time... Was wondering where I could hire a ...
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Do you know, if I travel to Switzerland from USA, can ... Has been answered I need to rent a mobility scooter in Switzerland.
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Calling Rebel Travelers: Information for Traveling ... I 18, have CP and am writing a book on accessible travel. People have tried to tell me that I can only travel certain "accessible" places because I use ...
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Does anyone know the German for mobility scooter please? Has been answered I plan to travel to Switzerland. I need to know the German for mobility scooter as I want to check travel arrangements. Does anyone know, please?
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When is Travel & Leisure going to really start serving ... Is this title a surprise to you? Did you think the ADA act took care of this? I wish that were true. To the airlines...A wheelchair is a direct extension ...
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Staxi Wheelchairs Has been answered If you are somebody who has faced great difficulty whilst at theme parks, shopping malls, stadiums or other such facilities, then you need to consider ...
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I want to know that how to get driving Licence in india? I am handicapped with left leg.i am driving scooty for two years without driving licence.i think car driving is having more safety as compare to scooty.can ...
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I need support from any good Samaritan individual, ... Has been answered I suffered from paraplegia when I was 12 years old and was recovered after 4 years. The effect was that I walked with limp. When I reached 42 I was diagnosed ...
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