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I want to know if there is a wheelchair that can climb ... Has been answered
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Access to Cinemas for Young Disabled people Hi there, I was just wondering if you have heard about the Trailblazers campaign to make cinemas more accessible. The young campaigners have made a ...
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I am looking for an apartment in Los Angeles that has ... Has been answered My Wife and I are caring for a disabled person who is wheel chair bound and has very little control of his arms and bod. He requires a shower that has ...
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University project research in need of wheelchair users Hello, My name is Ally and I currently study at the University of Hull, doing an MEng in Mechanical and Medical Engineering. As part of my 4th year ...
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how i get handicaped motor vehicle Has been answered iam handicaped, i am unable to walk, so kindly need a motor vehicle to move . please kindly give me a vehicle. thanks, ...
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Is it possible to use parkingplaces for disabled people ... Has been answered Hello, I am intersted, with the blue parkingcard for disabled people from Germany, is it possible - with this card - to use these special parcingplaces ...
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tourist parking card Hi, can tourists with disabilities can have a parking card? we're planning an aboard vacation. our vacation on september, with cancer patient among as, ...
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rome - what is it like for wheelchairusers? Has been answered Hello, a friend of mine wants to got Rome and would like to know, what this city is like for wheelchairusers! can you help him? Maybe there are some users ...
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London's Christmas market barrier-free? Has been answered Hi all, wanted to ask whether this Christmas market is also wheelchair accessible?
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MyHandicap app is free of charge (german) Has been answered Hello and good morning everyone, since yesterday is the MyHandicap App Version 2.0 at the apple store: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/myhandicap/i ...
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