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Assistent dogs travel in airplanes Has been answered Can assistent dogs travell in airplanes? Is this possible? Which dogs can travel in airplanes? I never saw a dog on an airplane. So far I dont have a ...
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ever heard of deafhosteling? Has been answered Hey there I came across this page: http://deafhostelling.com/ Who knows more about that? Can also non-deafs regist? E.g my brother who also speaks ...
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Skiing in summer? Has been answered I was wondering if there are ski resorts in europe that have snow during the summer that would also cater for disabled skiiers? Lucas
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Holiday in Germany Has been answered I am thinking about taking a holiday in Germany, but I don't speak any German. Would this be a big problem?
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Are there special car safety seats for disabled children? Has been answered Hallo, wir sind eine private Arbeitsvermittlung in Dachau (www.ubema.de) und haben gestern am 31.08.2009 folgende, auch für uns aussergewöhnlicheAnfrage ...
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Accomodation in Britain for people in a wheelchair Has been answered Are there any wheelchaib accessible accomodations available in Britain? I was thinking of something like a cottage.
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London Eye Has been answered Just watched the movie "Rise of the Silver Surfer". As you might know, there's a scene with that famous London Eye. I was just wondering if that tourist ...
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London cab Has been answered I've heard that all cabs in London are also accessible by wheelchair. Is that true?
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Safari so much cooler :-) Has been answered Hi! Just read the Safari article in english! Ohhh, its so much cooler to read it in englisch than in german :-) Concratulation to the translater! ...
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american airlines is it true that american airlines do help disalbed passengers more and privode better ser vices for them?
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