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Does anyone know of Segway rentals for ALS patients? Looking for a list of Swiss companies doing Segway rentals (or recumbant bikes) for an ALS patient.
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My brother is a bilateral double amputee. How can he ... He is a bilateral amputee above the knees, and is now in a motorized chair
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Sir I'm from Pakistan my wish is that I see European ... Has been answered My wish is that I help other country peoplo and i prove that .. I'm not disabled person I m fit ALHAMDU LELLAH
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I am disable and from usa and i want to go to Swe will ... Has been answered i have the handicap plaque hanger for the car and i wounder if i went to Sweden would it work the same? or do i need to apply for a special Eu one? like ...
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Wheelie Good Hotels Travelling to far off destinations and finding the right accommodation can be sometimes hassle and more so for those who are physically challenged due ...
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Disabled from Eastern Europe loking for used car with ... Has been answered Hi! I am a disabled from Eastern Europe: lost my right forearm. I am loking for an affordable used car with automatic gear (and, eventually, with further ...
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Need help to figure out how to hire a wheel chair in ... Has been answered Traveling to Switzerland with my 83 year old dad. He is not handicapped but can only walk a few steps at a time... Was wondering where I could hire a ...
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Do you know, if I travel to Switzerland from USA, can ... Has been answered I need to rent a mobility scooter in Switzerland.
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Calling Rebel Travelers: Information for Traveling ... I 18, have CP and am writing a book on accessible travel. People have tried to tell me that I can only travel certain "accessible" places because I use ...
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Does anyone know the German for mobility scooter please? Has been answered I plan to travel to Switzerland. I need to know the German for mobility scooter as I want to check travel arrangements. Does anyone know, please?
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