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large company producing prostheses? In Germany is actually only talking about otto boch and Ossur. What you know of some?
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Where else is a good place to travel? Has been answered Hello again, I told you Singapore is a good place to travel for people with wheelchair. But I have never really left Singapore. Where else is it good to ...
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Information about castles in Bavaria/Germany Has been answered Hello My relatives want to visit Bavaria/Germany next year, one of them is in a wheelchair too. Where can I find information about all these famous ...
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generall information about travelling with wheelchair ... Has been answered Hello again! I think about travelling - one day :-) But I am already collecting informations. I am sitting in a wheelchair and would like to know ...
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Bavarian moutains Has been answered Hello, I am going to Bavaria next week and would like to visit the beautiful mountains. Do you know about possibilities to climb mountains with a ...
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Wheelchair barbie's house meets "the handicapped building ... Hey there I've been surfing a little and found out that there was once a wheelchair barbie! Even a Paralympics champion! But the funniest thing comes ...
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Rehacare - Düsseldorf have you informations in English? ... Has been answered I am Ugi and I come to Düsseldorf for Rehacare. Have you informations about Düsseldorf with a wheelchaire in English? Saw information in German on ...
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barrier free hotels in NYC under 100 Dollar wanted Has been answered does anybody has a good tip for me? cheers, sarah
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first wheelchair, how did you feel? Has been answered Hi I was wondering: how did you feel when you got your first wheelchair? I remember that day very clearly. I was somehow happy to get it as it gave ...
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which country is good to travel? Has been answered Hi, I am looking for a possibility to spend my holidays. Which country is a good possibility to go? Thanks Enrico from Germany
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