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Invitation to take part in a survey on orientation ... Dear MyHandicap community members, we would like to invite you to a survey that focuses on your experiences with orientation and navigation inside of ...
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American tourist will need to rent a wheelchair when ... I am trying to find out how a friend of mine can get an electric wheelchair while he is in Austria on tour.
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Disability Care while travelling Hello all you lovely carers out there. I will be travelling through Europe, Milan 25/2/2019-28/2/2019, Interlaken 28/2/2019-4/3/2019, Paris 4/3/2019-7/3/2019 ...
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How to live and cope with double below knee amputation Having learned to manage with one below knee amputation i am now facing the same again due to circulation trouble
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Maintaining Mobility Has been answered Today's seniors have never been more on the go. Between postponing retirement and participating in sports and activities once relegated to the young, most ...
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Traveling to Zurich, Switzerland July 20th to 22nd ... Where can I rent a Mobility Scooter in Zurich, switzerland
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Yes I would like a wheelchair I have a hospital wheelchair ... Has been answered I just need something liter
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Where can I rent a mobility scooter in Switzerland. Has been answered
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Does anyone know of Segway rentals for ALS patients? Looking for a list of Swiss companies doing Segway rentals (or recumbant bikes) for an ALS patient.
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