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Does anybody know the new Swiss legislation? Has been answered Dear fellow expats living in Switzerland! Do you know anything about a new legislation which should support disabled people in finding a job and forcing ...
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studies with down syndrome, how's that possible? Has been answered Hi there Im sorry if that question is stupid or offends someone, I did ment it! So here's the question: there was this movie with a man with down ...
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working abroad Has been answered Hallo, a friend of mine with handicap wants to travel abroad. So I would like to know, if there is also an international "jobbörse" like on the German ...
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Is State Department discrimnatory? Has been answered Check out this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/19/AR2010101907217.html
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Wanted to go to berlin in october but officals warn ... Has been answered what is the situation in germany especially berlin right now? is it still a safe place? i´m really confused, don´t know what to do, i planned to start ...
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New article: EUDY and IFHOHYP join forces for the need ... Has been answered Dear Community Yet an other article: In April 2010, the two large organisations EUDY and IFHOHYP decided to work together which is a historical step ...
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that specialisterne article soon to be in english too? Has been answered Dear editorial office That article about specialisterne on the german page, will it be in english too? It seems to be interesting but my german skill ...
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exchangeprogram for pupil with wheelchair Has been answered hello, a friend of mine wants to visit school abroad for one year. she is using a wheelchaire but is very independent. Which country is good for doing ...
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New article: the whole world wide web as workplace! Has been answered Dear users, I'm happy to present you our newest article about the eLearinging company Genashtim Innovative Learning (GIL). Long ways to the workplace ...
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Bootcamp for application process for PWD Has been answered Hi I saw on the german page that there is a bootcamp for application process for PWD. My question: is there a similar thing in other countries, e.g. ...
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