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tell colleagues about disability Has been answered Hi, i have a question. How do i tell best my colleagues about my disability? Thank you for your advices, Sue
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how do i behave with disability at work Has been answered Hello, for me it is not the point to tell or not to tell - because everybody can see my disability. For me it is the point, how to act with disability ...
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Studiing in other coutries Has been answered Hello, I am interested in studiing in other countries for people with handicap. Have you maybe please got informations? Thanks, Alix
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Soraya travaille chez la police Has been answered Chers users Soraya Elouaret, paraplégique, troisième dauphine de Miss Handicap 2010, a trouvé un job temporaire dans la police genevoise. Lisez ...
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Tips for founding a new business Has been answered Hi I'm about to open a new business and need a few useful tips (insurance, registration etc.). Can somebody help me out?
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Info about Federal disability programs? Has been answered Where would I find relevant info about disability programs (federal or state MA)? Here in Switzerland they got great work integration programs. Is there ...
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Read this: First day at work - useful tips! This article gives you useful tips as to how you can start successfully at the new workplace: http://www.myhandicap.com/disability-job-introduction ...
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I believe this "IV" initiative in Switzerland is all ... Has been answered Another attempt to cut money for people who most need it and while avoiding to raise taxes for the super-rich. What's your thought?
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one school for all [b]In Germany there is a project: a school for all[/b]. That means, people go without disability in a school such as people with disabilities. Is there ...
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Does anybody know the new Swiss legislation? Has been answered Dear fellow expats living in Switzerland! Do you know anything about a new legislation which should support disabled people in finding a job and forcing ...
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